My Gift to you this holiday season

5th Annual Holiday Reset!

4 days of breath work, movement & curling tips. Sent to your email each morning. Share with your fam, friends & team.

We all deserve a refresh to start the new year strong & focused

Holiday Rest

Dec 28-31st, 2023

4 days of self-directed mindset, movement and curling specific tips to help you feel better & more focused next year

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Curling Performance

Goal Setting Party

Jan 2, 2024 7:00pm EST

The event you need to kickstart your 2024. Take time to reflect on the past, set goals for the future and put a plan in place to achieve your dreams

In the past 34 years, over 400 people & curlers worldwide have participated in the Holiday Reset

This is for my high achieving type who need a reminder to slow it down

This is for my "I love helping others" type who will be able to be their best for others after they spend some time on themselves

This is for those who know they will take it easy over the holidays and need some structure to keep them on track

This is for those looking for some small tips & tricks to upgrade their performance in 2023.

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